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2022/3 Evanston Car Cruise Flier

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Letter to Mountain West News

February, 2021
Hello to all you classic car nuts out there. Winter is back and it appears to be a mild winter(what ever that is). Yes, its still cold up here but there is only 2 inches of snow on the ground. It’s that time to thank our contributors to the annual winter shoes and coats charity. For the past twenty five years, the Evanston Car Cruise car club volunteers have provided this charity to our Evanston and Mountain View school age kids in Uinta County.
With the help from our car show sponsors and participants, along with help from Wal-Mart, the car club has been able to provide winter shoes and coats at no charge for Evanston & Mt View school kids in need, grades K through 12.
This past winter 2020/2021 the car club purchased over $1000.00 of winter shoes and coats helping out 14 local kids. Since the start of this charity in 1996, the Evanston car club has spent over $82,000.00 dollars providing winter shoes and coats to local school age kids, this Includes donations the club has generated for the Evanston SAFV, Evanston Shop with a cop and Evanston YAHA home with the indoor and outdoor car shows.
Last year, the car club had to cancel the annual indoor car show, and it looks like this year's (2021) indoor car show will also be canceled due to covid 19 concerns. Its a shame that this issue is still with us and we all long for the days when covid 19 it is in our rear view mirror.
The car club has continued its charity programs we expanded in 2016. We gave the local animal shelter $250.00 worth of supplies, the local shop with a cop program $250.00, along with a $250.00 donation to YAHA (the local shelter for kids in Uinta Co.).The 2020 out door car show benefited both the winter shoes and coats program, along with SAFV, and had a record turn out!
 I really believe just about everyone with a classic car is itching to get out on the road to hit their favorite car shows. I know we had the only car show that first Saturday in August, and all went well for those that attended.
The club had to cancel its annual Christmas party for the first time ever, due to covid 19 concerns. This is getting real old and we all hope for a resolution soon to this mess, but sometimes we are all just along for the ride.
As the Vice-President of the Evanston Car Cruise car club, I would like to send a special thank you to all the car club members, the other guys car club and car show participants for their efforts in making our car show a success, and to all the car nuts out there, don’t forget the indoor car show is canceled for 2021, but the outdoor 26th annual Evanston car show is Saturday, August 7th, in shady Hamblin park in Evanston WY. Admission to enter your car is still only 20 dollars.
If you want a break this summer, from the 100 degree heat in the Salt Lake Valley, then come on up to our outdoor car show (the park is at 6600 feet) and bring the family to check out all the cool cars. This year we will try to have our annual wet Tee-shirt contest (it was canceled last year due to covid concerns) for the adults and kids, (it’s quite an event).
Look for our flier in Mt. West Street News or go on line @ evanstoncarcruise.org for more info. As always, entertainment for the outdoor show is provided by J C Hackett and his rock n roll racket.
 Hope to see you there.

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2023/08/05 - Hamblin Park on Bear River Dr. in Evanston, Wyoming!



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