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Mission Statement

Evanston Car Cruise Club
PO Box 270
Evanston, Wyoming 82931-0270

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Mission Statement

February 6,  2021

Since the incorporation of the Evanston Car Cruise in 1996 as a Wyoming nonprofit 501 C3 corporation the mission and goal of the car club has been to provide new winter shoes and coats to Evanston Woming and MT View school children in need from grades K through 12 at no charge. In 2016 we expanded this charity to provide donations to the Evanston SAFV organization, the Evanston Shop with a cop program and the local YAHA home.
The Evanston Car Cruise club members volunteer their time to take children shopping at no charge and receive no monetary compensation of any kind. All the members volunteer their time to make this annual event occur.
This last winter (2020/021) the car club spent over 1000 dollars on new winter shoes and coats for 14 Evanston and MT View school age children.
Winter 2021/022 will be the 26th consecutive year for the car club winter shoes and coats program and depending on how cold the winter and how depressed the local economy is, the car club may spend as much as $3000.00 on winter shoes and coats.
Since 1996, the Evanston Car Cruise car club has spent over $71,000.00 on this charity, with all monies spent right here in Evanston to help our local school age children in need and other charitable causes. When we add in the SAFV, shop with a cop and YAHA donations, the Evanston car cruise has spent over $82,000.00 in total donations to help the Evanston Wyoming community.

Thank you for your consideration of our cause.
E. Kerry McIntyre
Vice President

Donation History

Evanston Car Cruise
PO Box 270
Evanston, Wyoming 82931-0270

Evanston Car Club Donation History

1995    Nothing
1996    $   500.00 — Lord's Storehouse
1997    $5,345.09 — (Lord's Storehouse - $900.00)
1998    $4,982,98 — (Lord's Storehouse - $  50.00)
1999    $4,686.45
2000   $2,610.30
2001    $4895.05 — (Rachelle Marshall Scholarship- $500)
2002   $2,160.47
2003   $4,778.14
2004   $5,115.42
2005   $4,098.49
2006   $2,719.74
2007   $3,490.23
2008   $4,043.16
2009   $5,309.33
2010    $2,075.59
2011     $1,027.20
2012    $1,056.01
2013    $1,398.69
2014    $  495.44
2015    $  792.19
2016    $1,200.00 — SAFV Evanston
2016    $1,514.98
2017    $2,300.00 — SAFV Evanston
2017    $1,429.34
2018    $1,619.29
2018    $  250.00 —  Evanston Police Shop With A Cop
2019    $5,600.00 — SAFV Evanston
2019    $  250.00 —  YAHA Evanston
2019    $  250.00 —  Evanston Police Shop With A Cop
2019    $  250.00 —  Evanston Animal Shelter
2019    $1,401.55 —  Shoes and Coats
2020   $   250.00  — Evanston Police Easter Egg Hunt
2020   $3000.00 — SAFV Evanston
2020   $  250.00 —  YAHA Home
2020   $  250.00  — Evanston Shop-With-A-Cop
2020   $1020.84

$82,366.07  — Total charitable donations & winter shoes & coats purchased year to date.

E Kerry McIntyre


Evanston Car Cruise Club History

The History of the Evanston Car Cruise
The summer of 1988 found four hot rod “junkies” talking about starting a local car club where guys with the same interests could get together and work on their street rods, share ideas and skills, go cruising and to car shows and just hang out.

In July of 1988, they started Small Town Toys with five charter members — Ray Landry, Cole Deister, Steve Folliet, Russ Easton and Rick Ludwick, along with their wives. New members were nominated by the charter members, then voted on by the group, after a month’s “get to know you” period. There was a small membership fee and club jackets for members designed by Rick Ludwick.

Cars had to be 20 years or older to qualify. This was set up as a family-oriented club.
During the colder months, the guys worked on their cars and helped each other in their shops. As a club we also got together for holiday parties -- Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.

During one of our winter meetings, Gordon Marrs was a guest and he was interested in a fund raiser for the Special Olympics kids in Evanston. He purposed a Car Show to be put on by our club for street rodders in this area to raise funds for this project. So began the Annual Evanston Charity Car Show in the summer of 1989.

In the mid 1990’s Gary Harvey was working at a local car dealership in Evanston and admired the cars and members of our “local” car club, "Small Town Toys" and especially the car show that they held annually at Hamblin Park in August each summer. As a dealership sales manager and an amateur promoter, Gary approached the members of Small Town Toys to hold a “mini” car show, with food and awards at the dealership each spring. The event was a total success for both parties each year, and enjoyed by all in the community. Unfortunately, an internal problem developed within the car club and Small Town Toys was no more.

As a non-club member, Gary felt that it was a shame for good friendships and people to melt away. With some help from founding Small Town Toys member and good friend Russ Easton, a few changes were made and with a simple new edict addressing a past issue and charity for glue, they both felt that new life could easily be breathed into the club again.

Fortunately, most members just jumped right in, and the re-born car club's first new season held two car shows. DJ-ing the shows for several years was done by David B Smith from Evanston's local radio station KEVA. Later Donna Simpson was able to help the car club obtain the services of JC Hackett and his rock n roll racket, and JC is still spinning the wax and emceeing the car show today. 

 A very important tool, a 5O1 (C)3 IRS classification was undertaken by club member Sheila Hockett. This was accomplished, and with support from Jim Davis of the Urban Renewal committee. a meeting place for the club was also arranged. Dennis Poppinga from the Evanston Parks and Rec. helped secure an annual date at Hamblin Park to hold our car show, the annual "Show 'N' Shine."
Many local business owners sponsor and support the car show and club in many ways. 2016 will be the 21st annual Evanston Car Cruise car show. and as always, it will be held on the first Saturday in August in Hamblin Park.

All of the car club members are volunteers and their only pay is in the satisfaction of providing a much needed charity in their home town for the needy local school kids here in Evanston.
Compiled By
Russ and Cindy Easton
Gary Harvey
Kerry McIntyre